The Following Facilities Will be Offered Free of Charge on Request With all Packages.

A/C Banquet Hall / Traditional Oil Lamp / Table for Wedding Cake Structure / Table for Registration / Table for Gift / Dancing Floor / Floor for band Group / Changing Rooms & B/B Room for Overnight Stay / Cake Trays , Basket / Easy Access to Parking

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Here in Mandakini Banquet Halls we are willing to Provide Luxurious facilities and the best out of the best services for your prestigious wedding occasion.

Home Comings

The Luxury environment and delicious foods will make your homecoming event more tastier. Guaranteed satisfaction with many of year experiences and Friendly and professional service, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations.

Get Together

The elegant décor and tasteful furnishings make it a fitting venue for business meetings as well as social gatherings.


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